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Methanol poisoning outbreak in Libya: A need for policy reforms

Methanol poisoning outbreak in Libya: A need for policy reforms

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Ziyad Ben Taleb, Raed Bahelah
Florida International University, Aden University
We address the controversies surrounding a 2013 outbreak of methanol poisoning in Tripoli, Libya. We critically examine and systematically analyze the outbreak to highlight the lessons learned from this disaster and how to act properly to prevent similar outbreaks in future. Many health problems have been directly attributed to drinking alcohol; the type and quality of alcohol determines the detrimental effects. An unregulated and flourishing black market in alcohol is among the factors behind the Libyan tragedy, where approximately 90 deaths and about 1000 hospital admissions were reported. We reviewed gaps in local and regional alcohol policy, and highlighted the issue of illegally produced and home-made alcohol.Collaboration between countries in the region plus critical health and policy reforms in Libya, with emphasis on public health preparedness, can dramatically decrease morbidity and mortality associated with such outbreaks.
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Recommended citation
Taleb, Z. & Bahelah, R. J Public Health Pol (2014) 35: 489. https://doi.org/10.1057/jphp.2014.17

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