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About Us

A Systems thinker? We are your partner.

What we do

Mentoring, creating content, building products, publishing cutting edge research, teaching the next generation of leaders — doing it while inspiring people to be systems thinkers for a sustainable world and connected communities.

What we do

We provide a wide array of services — all through partnerships with innovators, creaters, teachers… and the people who make bring change.


Working with people who can best explain the systems thinking framework in four critical areas: research, training, mentoring, and dissemination


Our guiding principle is this: we are rarely limited to just two options. For the good of the fragile ecosystem we all share, we must find better ways to do things.


We live in a deeply connected ecosystem, connected through time and space. Rapid development without paying attention to the interconnectedness of systems produced far reaching consequences, impacting everyone on Earth. What we do here and now, has impact on everything near and far.


One step at a time, each project is given the proper attention it deserves. Working as partners and collaborators means that each person is deeply invested in what is being done; relying on the systems thinking framework means that what is being done by one person is connected to what is being done by another person. Check before you move forward.

Why systems thinking matters, and how…

How We Work



Send us your idea; the expectation is that systems thinking will be part of your project either applied or being the subject of the work, you propose to do.



After reading your proposal, and if the project is something that falls within the scope of what we do, a team member will reach out to you to discuss it. Each project is seen as an opportunity for a partnership, a relationship that relies on collaboration and teamwork.



Each project will have its own outcome; however, all projects are connected through the framework that guide each project—the systems thinking approach. Each projector creator is part owner of it, for life. It is a partnership after all.

Let’s talk about your project.