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Before you contact us for help, please check this FAQs, an answer to your question might be found here, saving you time waiting for an answer from an Editor, which may take several days.

Q. I am an author, can I list my own work?

A. Yes. Keep in mind that only scholarly works are accepted for indexing.

Q. Who can add a listing?

A. Authors, publishers, representative of authors and publishers may add a listing for indexing. Readers, too, may suggest a work for indexing. Before submitting a request, please make sure that the work is not indexed already. Enter the title of the work in the search box, to find out if it is indexed.

Q. I am a researcher, can I submit a newspaper editorial or Blog essay that I published for indexing?

A. No. Only works of scholarship is indexed on this site. However, you can publish such work as Essay; read this post for more information.

Q. I wrote a journal article that I would like peer-reviewed and indexed here, can I submit it to Integr8d.org?

A. Integr8d.org  is not a peer-reviewed publisher; it is an index of peer-reviewed scholarly works dealing with SWAANA studies. Works must be published as a work of scholarship before it can be submitted for review and indexing on the site. We encourage you to submit your manuscript to Open Source peer-reviewed journals, like mathal, and once it is accepted and published, you may submit an “Add a work” request for indexing here. Integr8d.org does publish (or republish) reviews of published works of scholarship.

Q. Do I have to register to add a work of scholarship?

A. No. You can submit your work as a guest. Such submission are held in queue for editorial review and approval.

Q. Who can “Claim a listing” and what happens to a claimed listing?

A. Authors (or their representative) can claim an indexed work. To claim a listing, an author must register first and wait until their registration is approved. Once approved, author may claim an indexed work by clicking on link in the detailed view of the indexed work. Only unclaimed works will show the “Claim listing” link for logged in authors.

Q. What are the advantages of claiming an indexed work?

A. Claiming an indexed work will enhance discovery of the work. Researchers will be able to use authors’ names to find published works, to create filters, and to cross-reference.

Q. When I register for membership or submit a listing, no confirmation message is returned, how do I know if my submission went through?

A. To limit use of bandwidth and other assets, we limit the extra steps that are unnecessary. If your submission did not return an error message instructing you to add required information, your request was submitted successfully. You should check your email for confirmation or for further instructions.

Q. What can I access after I register?

A. Once your registration is approved, you will be able to manage your own indexed works, publish essays (blog section), participate in conversations, and create community forums and groups.

Q. Submitted a request to add my work but I can’t see it, why?

A. All submissions are held for review and only approved entries will be indexed. The decision my take few days as the review process is done by volunteers.

Q. Can I publish my scholarly works with integr8d.org?

A. No. Integr8d.org publishes abstracts of work already published. If your work is published online, you can provide the URL to access the work. If you have rights to republish your work, you may request that it is uploaded and made available for download from this site. Contact us for more information.

Q. How can I delete an indexed work?

A. Registered researchers/publishers may edit or delete their own work by logging into the their account on integr8d.org. Researchers/publishers who are not registered and see erroneous listing of their work, may contact us with a request to edit or delete entries.

Q. Who can register for account on integr8d.org?

A. If you are a researcher, author, publisher with rights to works indexed on this site, you may want to register and claim the indexed works so that you are able to edit, update, and submit additional works for indexing. Upon claiming a listing, you will be able to enter a short bio that will appear with all your listed works.

Q. I registered but I still can’t access the site, what should I do?

A. Registration on this site is not automatic. When you first register, your application will be sent to an Editor for review. If approved, you will be notified through the email address you used to register, with further instructions.

Q. Can I delete my account?

A. Yes. All data associated with your account will be deleted as well.

Q. How much does it cost to add a Work?

A. Zero. This is a public service to index works of scholarship dealing with the Islamic civilization and societies living in the SWAANA region.

Q. How do you make money?

A. We don’t make money. We asked for money from the people benefiting from service when the bills are due. You will see a call for donations, we hope that you will be able to support this project. Contributions and subscriptions are also used to maintain and update the sites.

Q. What do you do with the money after paying all the bills?

A. Volunteers and unpaid interns keep this site up and running every day. Funds that are not used to cover costs of maintaining the site are used to offer these students scholarships, stipends, and/or upgrade their position to paid interns. Additionally, software and hardware become outdated with time, unspent funds are often used to upgrade systems and develop new technologies to make the sites more efficient and secure.

Q. How can I support project?

A. Volunteer to fill Editorial positions; apply for internships and research assistantships; We especially appreciate the assistance and support from persons with technical skills (coding, design, software…)

Q. I would like to add a listing, but I cannot locate the information for all the fields, like “cited in…” or date of publication, what should I do?

A. Some fields are required and all works of scholarship will have that information available. Sometime, date of publication consists of just year or season/quarter and year. In this case, just make sure you get the year right and enter a date from within season (summer, fall, etc.) or within year. For example, if only the year, 2011, is known, you may enter January 1, 2011. Editors may modify entries to reflect correct information during review.

Q. Is this site supported by advertising or selling users’ data?

A. No and no. Your data will not be sold to any third party. We do not display commercial ads. However, for our generous donors, and if such donor happens to be a researcher, we may display the work in a corner of the site as “Sponsor” of the site for a month, half year, or year. It is a way by those involved in this project to say thank you to those who support students and scholars working on and volunteering for this project.

Q. if I am registered on this site, does that registration give me access to SWAANA archives?

A. No. To protect members privacy, their registration integr8d.org is not transferred–not internally and not externally.

Q. Is integr8d.org hiring?

A. Integr8d.org and associated sites are run by research assistants, interns, and volunteers. For some tasks, we may rely on paid interns in which case, volunteers will have the inside track for these paid opportunities. If you would like to volunteer your skills or time to maintain this project, contact us.

Q. I am not a specialist in Islamic studies or AWAANA area studies, can I still have my work indexed on integr8d.ord?

A. integr8d.org aims to list sound, settled knowledge from any discipline. Some works may not be thematically related to SWAANA area studies or the study of the Islamic civilization, but a theory and/or approach of such work may be relevant and informative to works on the subject. If you feel that your work may contribute to better understand a topic in the context thus defined, by all means, please submit it for indexing consideration.

Q. How does  integr8d.org handle my data and protect my privacy?

A. We believe that the best way to protect users’ data is to have near zero data. We do not ask registered users for any private data. We use only necessary data, such as email address, name, and affiliation, and all such data are available in the public domain. When a user delete their account, all data will be removed as well. It is our concern for privacy that encouraged us to create this service in the first place; therefore, we won’t undertake any action that will violate users’ privacy.

Please keep in mind that we use third party tools to manage some tasks and we have no control over third party privacy policy practices.

If you still have a question, please contact us, we will add the question and answer to this FAQs.

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